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Anybus Wireless Infraestructure (Router, Switch, Access Point)

Anybus® Wireless Infraestructure

Create an industrial grade wireless infraestructure

The Anybus network infraestructure products makes sure you have a robust an reliable backbone to give you the most of your industrial wireless applications.

Expand your industrial ethernet network with wired and wireless solutions

Anybus range of infrastructure products connects most types of industrial ethernet networks such as Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP and Profinet. Together with Anybus range of products like Bolt/Bridge Gateways and Communicators it allows for an almost endless combination of connectivity. 


Wi-Fi Access Points

Supports Wi-Fi 5 and Mesh allowing you to expand Wi-Fi coverage without need to install ethernet cabling.


LTE Router

Dual SIM cards gives excellent redundancy capabilities should the wired connection fail.

L3 Switch icon

Managed L3 Switch

Port mirroring allows non-intrusive monitoring and trouble-shooting of your network.