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Anybus X-Gateway

Control System (PLC) to Control System (PLC)

Bridge control systems with Anybus gateways to allow data to flow seamlessly between controllers. Just connect, configure, and you’re done.

Anybus gateways enable transparent data exchange between control systems allowing you to both bridge and integrate legacy equipment into modern high-performance networks.

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Anybus X-gateway – CANopen Master – PROFINET-IO Device

AB7307 Anybus X-Gateway Anybus

1.680,70€ 1.325,00€

The Anybus X-gateway CANopen provides a seamless connection between a PROFINET network and a secondary CANopen sub-network. This makes it possible to integrate CANopen devices into a PROFINET PLC system

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PROFIBUS Slave – Modbus TCP Server

AB7634 Anybus X-Gateway Anybus

1.320,00€ 1.035,00€

Anybus X-gateway – PROFIBUS Slave – Modbus TCP Server

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